Audio dramas (fictional podcasts)

Audio dramas

Welcome to the first of our Audio dramas (fictional podcasts), which is called 'If Cain Were Able'. Before you start to listen, ask yourself, if in the apocalypse where a deadly pandemic reigns supreme, your survival is based on doing the unthinkable, is there honestly anything you wouldn't be willing to do?

Episode 6: Foul play – ICWA006

Eve struggles to raise her identical twins, who are called Paul and Tristan Hope.

Hillary Metcalf and Gabby Asher continue to discreetly look into the disappearance of the two prominent MP’s, who opposed Kelly shields government, because they suspect that foul play played a part in there disappearance.

Paul Hope grows to resent his brother more and more as time goes by, and Tristan becomes the target of his schools bullies.

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Episode 7: opinion turns – ICWA007

Kelly finds out about the first homicide since the titan virus struck, and immediately goes into crisis management and spin mode.

The weird circumstances surrounding the murder, which includes a mother’s young baby being found near her corpse, in a house that is locked and that has no signs of forced entry, leads to the government trying to suppress the story.

However, by the end of the week, there are four more gruesome murders, the media suggest that there has been a government cover up, and that the victim’s children are responsible for their own mother’s deaths.  

Before long a substantial amount of public opinion turns against the children, setting in motion the government’s plan to contain the problem. Eve Hope openly challenges Kelly shield’s plan to contain the problem, arguing that it is inhumane.

Subsequently, Kelly perceives Eve as a threat and takes drastic measures to neutralise her.   

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Episode 8: The point of no return – ICWA008

Kelly Shields goes past the point of no return.

Paul hope takes a stand against Kelly shield’s regime, knowing that Injustice anywhere is a threat towards justice everywhere. However, the regimes recent brutal actions, leave him furious and hungry for revenge. 

The government’s propaganda machine goes into full overdrive, as  Kelly tries to control the narrative of whats going on, and Eve and Tristan Hope are forced to go on the run.


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Episode 9: Righteous – ICWA009

Roberta Marquez’s refusal to follow orders saves a life. Kelly shield’s propaganda machine, along with her governments ruthless actions in-avertedly creates an opposing group, called the righteous, who are focused on bringing down her regime and getting revenge.

Paul Hope is duped by a part of Kelly Shield’s propaganda, and subsequently his psychological issues regarding his family are taken advantage of, and his bond with his family is broken, as he begins to view them as adversaries.

Circumstances force Tristan Hope to change, as he and his mother go on the run and try to find Paul Hope.

Commissioner Lisa Rayner begins an investigation into the homicides of the mothers who were murdered after the titan virus struck.

Hillary Metcalf continues her queries into charlotte reef and Helena Clarke puts her and her colleague on MI5’s radar.

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Episode 10: The hunted becomes the hunter – ICWA010

The full force of Kelly shield’s government look for the righteous. However, the righteous remain evasive.

The opposition to Kelly’s government starts gaining momentum. As individuals and groups within the U.K start to question her motives, actions and policies.

Commissioner Rayner stumbles onto a crucial piece of evidence, in the case files of one of the mothers, who was slaughtered after the titan virus struck.

The hunted becomes the hunter, as the righteous strike back at Kelly shields.

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