Audio dramas (fictional podcasts)

Audio dramas

Welcome to the first of our Audio dramas (fictional podcasts), which is called 'If Cain Were Able'. Before you start to listen, ask yourself, if in the apocalypse where a deadly pandemic reigns supreme, your survival is based on doing the unthinkable, is there honestly anything you wouldn't be willing to do?

Episode 1 – ICWA001


A deadly virus strikes the first civilian tourist, space flight, whilst it’s on its way back to earth; setting in motion a race to save the lives of everyone on-board, and to eradicate the contagious virus.

Enter Eve Hope, a geneticist who is willing to do whatever it takes, to cure the passengers and the crew of this flight, and to prevent the further spread of the virus. Stay tuned, as new episodes are released each Thursday.  

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Episode 2 – Most unlikely – ICWA002

Most unlikely.

In the wake of the apocalypse, Eve Hope and sally sure must get rid of the dead carcasses safely and swiftly, before the epidemic leads to the extinction of the human race. Enter the most unlikely candidate to provide leadership, in the mist of the panic and chaos.

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Episode 3: When the tables turn – ICWA003

Eve Hope and Sally Sure continue to try to find a cure to the epidemic. Before too long, the general public become impatient, and then they turn on Kelly shields, who is the unlikely interim leader.

Soon… the pressures of Kelly’s new job start to weigh heavily on her shoulders. After trying to use diplomacy to force the uncooperative groups, in society, to follow the rules that she has put in place, to try and save what remains of the human race, Kelly resorts to her first set of drastic measures that take her way over the line of democracy, into something very different and sinister.  

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Episode 4: tensions rise – ICWA004

Eve hope lashes out at Kelly shields, when Eve finds out that Kelly withheld extremely crucial and valuable information, from her that could have helped Eve create a cure to the titan’s virus.

A glimmer of hope for the continuation of the human race, appears at the eleventh hour. Finally, after many attempts, Eve Hope finds a cure to the deadly epidemic, which almost made the human race extinct. 

However tensions rise between Kelly Shields and Eve Hope, when Kelly suggests they use genetic engineering to continue the human race and to prevent anything like this ever happening again.

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Episode 5: Do as i say – ICWA005

Tensions rise between Kelly Shields and Eve Hope, when Kelly suggests that they use genetic engineering to prevent anything like the epidemic ever happening again. Subsequently Eve’s ethics are put under immense strain.  

Hypocritically, Kelly indirectly tells the women who survived, to do as she says, not as she does, when it comes to continuing the human race.

Finally, in the wake of the Titan virus that almost made the human race extinct, Eve Hope changes her views about having children, and eventually after experiencing a terrifying situation, her workaholic ways are re-assessed.

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